Jack Beaudoin
Managing Director, MedTech Media, a division of HIMSS Media
Ryan Begelman
CEO, BisNow
Nicholas Ferris
Global Business Manager, Bloomberg
Robyn Peterson
CTO, Mashable
Tony Mancini
Group Director, Principal, SGC Horizon Building Group
Marshall Matheson
Senior Vice President, Online Media, WTWH Media
Shelagh Daly Miller
Vice President, Group Publisher, AARP Media Sales
Ryan Harwood
CEO, PureWow
Nick Reid
Vice President, Digital Services, Randall-Reilly Business Media
Matthew Schnipper
Editor-in-Chief, The Fader
Ellen Daly
Senior Vice President, Events, IDG Enterprise
Ben Frumin
Editor-in-Chief, TheWeek.com
Kimberly Lau
Vice President, General Manager, Atlantic Digital
Kira Pollack
Director of Photography, TIME
Rebecca Sausner
Director of Content Development, Conferences and Events SourceMedia
Bob Cucciniello
Circulation, Newsstand and Production Director, Ogden Publications
Stefania Pomponi
Founder, President, Chief Evangelist, Clever Girls Collective
Jennifer Lazarus
Vice President, General Manager, Bridal Guide Digital Group
Fred Parry
Publisher, Inside Columbia
Spencer Hall
Editorial Director, Vox Media
Stacy Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, Director, Content Programming and Design, BlogHer, Inc.
Brian Ceraolo
President, Peerless Media Inc.
Patrick O’Toole
Editorial Director, Principal, SGC Horizon Residential Group
Greg Lakloufi
Chief Creative Officer, Executive Creative Officer, HW Creative
Wendy LaDuke
President, Education, 1105 Media