IEEE Computer Society, a computing membership division of IEEE, introduced a new personalized information aggregation tool for its technology community. Called myComputer, the specialized paid content generator lets users download 24 articles or papers per year with the option to purchase 12 additional articles.

“myComputer lets readers effectively create their own individualized publication,” says Evan Butterfield, director of products and services for IEEE Computer Society. “We think that’s not just the way things will be done ‘in the future’ but the way things should be done right now.”

Users can select three of 30 subject areas ranging in topic from security and privacy to big data and cloud computing, among others. The system then digs through IEEE’s database of 13 magazines and 200 conferences to deliver the customer with top peer-reviewed articles and papers on their chosen subjects. A list of top articles for selected topics will also appear in user’s inboxes for selection.

The introductory price for the service is $25 for IEEE Computer Society members and $45 for nonmembers, plus tax. The dozen additional articles cost $12.50 for members and $22.50 for nonmembers, per year. Digital editions of the society’s flagship magazine, Computer, are also delivered each month.

“myComputer opens up our universe of high-quality, timely computing news and information to a much broader audience of nonaffiliated professionals and tech-savvy individuals too, who might otherwise have been missed by traditional, top-down subscription models,” says Butterfield.

IEEE Computer Society does offer other options for online access to content via individual magazine subscriptions and through their digital library, which is only open to members for a fee.

“There are a lot of computer professionals and not all want a membership, but this helps our content get across to more people,” says Margo McCall, corporate communications managers for IEEE Computer Society.

Despite having access to online archives, McCall contends that some members are looking for more specialized content which myComputer provides.

“It’s cheaper for one thing and people may not want access to the entire library of 500,000 articles when they’re just interested in one or two topics,” she says.