A study conducted by ShareThis found that mobile devices are much more popular than desktops for sharing content. ShareThis tracked social activity across 2.4 million sites in its network, and found that consumers are nearly twice as likely to click and share content through mobile devices rather than desktops.

The report also stated that the iPhone is the most social device, with users three times more likely to share via their iPhone instead of desktops. And when compared to other mobile devices, users are one and a half times more likely to share content via iPhone.

In comparison among social networks, Facebook dominated social shares on both desktop (56.5 percent) and mobile (60.3 percent). On desktops email was the second most popular for sharing content with almost 10 percent. But on mobile devices Pinterest and Twitter followed Facebook with 18.9 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively.

iPhone users drove the greatest percentage of sharing at 12.4 percent when compared to other mobile devices. Just over 7 percent of Android users shared via their phone, and 6.3 percent of BlackBerry users.

The most popular social network on iPhones was Facebook with 66.4 percent, but Pinterest dominates on iPads with almost 50 percent of social activity—a reflection of the site’s visually engaging content, which is best viewed on larger-screen devices.



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