Mobile has been an enormous lure for publishers over the last year, but especially so as we move into 2013. Accordingly, you’re seeing a number of new launches designed specifically for that platform, even as publishers simultaneously recast existing brands for tablets and smartphones. In the meantime, online-only start-ups continue to pop onto the scene, filling in or disrupting niches that are not being fully served by legacy media. And, in certain targeted cases, print launches are still being rolled out, but certainly not with the experimental aspects that mobile launches still require.

Here, in our annual look at recent startups, we examine six from the last 12 months that stand out as key initiatives in the mobile, print and online markets. They range from larger consumer publisher brands to smaller b-to-b plays that aim to disrupt markets via the mobile platform.

New Atlantic Media venture is exploring the limits of mobile.

This launch was designed to offer its target industry a better and more valuable magazine—something the brand has so far achieved.

New luxury brand DuJour divides and conquers.

Industry Dive
A rarity for the b-to-b space, which is why it launched, Industry Dive develops mobile content for specific market verticals.

Best Life
A Men’s Health off-shoot that relaunched in 2012 after a three-year hiatus, which aims to appeal to luxury brand consumers.

As a digital-only launch, Skift has built its model off the backs of content, ad sales and data subscriptions from the get-go.