Sports media company STACK Media has partnered with a new social network startup focused on sports called Sport Street.

The partnership is modeled along the lines of a content syndication deal and allows Sport Street users to collect and share STACK content across the network.

"We use Brightcove as our OVP and we’re supplying a few dedicated players to Sport Street for integration into specific pages of their site for their users to consume STACK’s original videos online and eventually through their mobile app," says Chad Zimmerman, STACK’s co-founder, president and COO.

The deal allows STACK another venue to distribute its content in front of its target audience of younger athletes. The magazine is currently distributed to about 12,000 high schools with an 800,000 rate base and receives about 8 million monthly uniques, per comScore.

"We’ve always been big believers in being a content distributer just as much as a content aggregator," says Zimmerman. "The partnership with Sport Street presents the opportunity to syndicate our content to another destination of young, social users. Sport Street has a strong base of college-aged users who are still potentially participating in sports (varsity or intramural sports) which makes them a great target market for STACK’s content. Additionally, Sport Street’s audience are rabid sports fans so content featuring these sports stars is likely to engage this audience and expose them to new ways to get fit and healthy, which is a key part of STACK’s mission."



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