Source Interlink Media (SIM) is combining two brands from its home technology group-Sound & Vision and Home Theater, and is set to relaunch in October. SIM is billing the merger as the creation of a "super brand" that retains the Sound & Vision title, while incorporating elements from both titles.

The company indicates the reason behind the merger is to serve a broader audience that has shared interests and to provide advertisers with the benefit of a larger audience, "This is a natural progression of the titles with a little bit of consolidation in the marketplace," says group publisher Keith Pray. "The Sound & Vision brand has a stronger presence out there as far as legs in the marketplace; our editorial package was extremely strong; and our advertising market share was very strong but the Home Theater title and brand was limiting," he adds.

The restructuring of the brand means changes for both staffs. Pray says that there were redundancies on both sides and SIM’s objective for Sound & Vision is to form an "A-team" of editors. However, Pray declined to specifically identify where cuts where made and how many.

Rob Sabin, current editor-in-chief of Home Theater is mapping out the new editorial concept for Sound & Vision, and will take the reigns of the merged brand. Sabin formerly served as an executive editor at Sound & Vision, so he is familiar with the brand, its audience and its advertisers. And he has specifically identified offering deeper product reviews as a principal content feature for the refurbished brand.

While Pray does affirm that some structure elements from both brand models will live on, he is looking at this as an opportunity to "re-strategize the whole concept."

"We are following the Home Theater model in that it will have better paper, larger size and better trim, but there will be a lot of changes in design. We’re also going with a 10-time format [frequency] instead if Sound & Vision’s 8-time format," Pray says.

Additionally, Pray hints that the company is developing a robust digital strategy that will coincide with the relaunch, and the company will reveal more details about that soon.