UBM Tech, the media division within UBM that targets the technology market, has undergone a round of layoffs impacting VP-level executives. The cuts were focused on the content side of the group, trimming some redundant positions tied to legacy print operations.

According to a source, Elliot Kass, vice president of content marketing, Eric Lundquist, vice president and editorial analyst, and Joseph Braue, executive vice president and group director of Light Reading have all been let go.

Other divisions and select brands within Tech are Business Technology (InformationWeek, Light Reading), Electronics (EE Times), Channel (CRN), Game and App Development (Game Developer) and a significant marketing services operation.

UBM Tech’s chief marketing officer Scott Vaughan confirmed there were cuts made last week, but declined to confirm specific names. The cuts were part of 2013 planning, says Vaughan.

"While print is less than five percent of revenue at UBM Tech, there were content and other resources still internally aligned with legacy print infrastructure and redundancy in roles," he says. "Events/live media is and always has been a major focus at UBM Tech with over 50 percent of UBM Tech’s business coming from paid events and exhibits/sponsorship revenue. This was not a factor in these moves. This was about re-aligning resources with market opportunity and planning for the coming year."

In all, the cuts represented less than four percent of the division workforce.

The cuts come on the heels of two significant changes to both the group and its leadership. Last May, UBM restructured to recombine its technology businesses under the $285 million UBM Tech umbrella, including UBM Techweb, UBM Electronics and UBM Channel. At the time, Paul Miller was named CEO of the group and Techweb’s CEO Tony Uphoff resigned. Uphoff has since resurfaced as CEO of Business.com.

A couple months later, Marco Pardi, Lenny Heymann, Ed Grossman, Martha Schwartz, David Berlind and David Michael were either bumped up from their executive vice president roles or expanded their divisional leadership positions across the entire group.

Yet there have been new launches on the content side of the group, nevertheless. UBM Tech partnered with digital semiconductor chip supplier ARM to launch a digital magazine, and the group launched an industry education site TechOnline.com last December. InformationWeek also just announced a new education site as well.