As we customarily do in our December issue, we’ve asked a group of media executives to speak to FOLIO: about their priorities for the year ahead, what they’ve been doing to prep for it and the market forces driving those top items on the action plan checklist. [“CEO Perspectives”]

As you might expect, priorities for a print-focused boutique title like Vintage Magazine are wildly different than those for SourceMedia, a b-to-b media company serving the financial services market. Vintage founder Ivy Baer Sherman is supremely focused on print while SourceMedia CEO Doug Manoni is perhaps the first executive in this on-going franchise to openly address how b-to-b media companies are now managing the diminishment of print—in readership and ad dollars—as digital, events and database marketing services continue to gain prominence. It’s a striking acknowledgement.

For regional title 5280, the priority has also been a single-minded focus on the magazine, but Dan Brogan, 5280’s president, notes that other priorities—namely digital—are inevitably creeping into the picture.

Speaking of digital, online content publishers have been laser-focused on technology investment. Scale, in content production, community and audience, is the holy grail, but the infrastructure has to be robust enough to support growth in those three areas. Salon and TheStreet have both been overhauling their publishing platforms to allow for greater and more flexible content formats (video and native advertising capabilities, to name a couple) while expanding their commenting and contributor capabilities.


Bill Mickey
Editorial Director