Shortly after Time Warner announced the spinoff of Time Inc. one senior executive has already taken flight: after 23 years with the company, former chief revenue officer Paul Caine is leaving Time Inc. to become the CEO of Dial Global, Inc., an independent syndicator of audio content.

Dial Global delivers a broad range of audio content to more than 8,500 radio stations and other distribution partners that combine to reach more than 225 million consumers each week.

“Dial Global will propel the growth of audio as the essential medium for the mobile experience,” Caine (pictured) says in a release. “We have premium content, top tier distribution and prestigious live event assets. Our opportunity is to expand these experiences for consumers, broaden our repertoire of content partners, and integrate our on-air, digital and live event offerings to create compelling engagement for advertisers.”

Caine is expected to start on April 5.

Dial Global maintains exclusive rights to distribute for broadcast live events like the Grammys, NFL primetime games—including the Playoffs and Superbowl—and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The announcement coincides with the resignation of the company’s existing CEO, Spencer Brown, and president Ken Williams, which is to take effect April 5, though they will maintain shareholder status at the company.

Mobile expansion seems to be top of mind for the company and an area that Caine will look to grow—the company currently views the platform as “a substantial, undeveloped opportunity for content providers, distribution partners and marketers alike.”

“The audio medium is ripe for expansion across the ever-increasing number of platforms that consumers use,” Neal Schore, the company’s chairman, says in a release. “Paul has the vision and experience to build audio assets into high engagement opportunities that connect marketers with consumers everywhere and on every listening platform.”


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