Newsweek’s return to print is the latest development in an odd timeline for the once-storied magazine.

It’s changed ownership four times, employed four CEOs and had three editors-in-chief since 2010. It’s awkward liaise with the Daily Beast and swings between layoffs and hiring flurries add to the narrative.

Turning back to print, less than a year after publishing what it said would be its final issue, shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

The new model is different though, Jim Impoco, EIC, told the New York Times. They’re relying on subscribers for revenue and distributing less than one-tenth of what they were before (about 100,000 copies per issue now). Newsweek’s new owners, IBT Media, hope the strategy could finally bring some stability to the brand.

Check out it’s long, strange trip to this point in the timeline below: