With mergers and acquisitions now hitting prerecession levels, it’s no surprise that Metrocorp Inc., the publisher of Boston and Philadelphia magazines, is expanding its reach by acquiring a majority stake in Slice Communications.

This small Philadelphia-based boutique public relations and social media agency that was founded in 2008 works with a variety of clients in the technology, professional services, customer services and non-profit sectors.

The roots of the deal began growing in 2012 after Slice Communications executed some successful social media campaigns for clients of Boston and Philadelphia magazines.

“They went extremely well,” Staci Bender, founder and principal of Slice Communications, tells FOLIO:. “That was what really propelled this forward. We had a really good working relationship and for Metrocorp, they wanted to further engage and develop their community strategies with the insights and analytic tools that Slice brings to the table. Being a social media and public relations agency, that really interested them moving forward—being able to offer some of these services to their clients.”

Slice Communications will continue to function as an independent business unit within Metrocorp, with Bender and her team overseeing day-to-day operations and management of the business.

“Slice will still continue to bring on social media and public relations clients, and Metrocorp will still have their whole sales force in advertising, digital and online sales,” adds Bender. “Together, I think we’re hoping to be a strong entity and partnership and we can offer social media services to their clients. For our clients, once it makes sense, we can absolutely offer Metrocorp services. That was really the hope and goal—to leverage each other’s expertise.”

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