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Tue, 04/16/13

Where: New York, NY

Type: Conference

MediaMashupThe Conference for a New Kind of Media Industry

April 16, 2013
Grand Hyatt
New York City 

The Distinction between print and digital media is increasingly blurring. Readers seamlessly shift between channels, sometimes engaging many simultaneously. Social networks and new technologies have transformed the way information is produced and shared. Entrepreneurial media companies have emerged, disrupting legacy business models and threatening even established "old media" companies.

And a completely new media community has emerged, encompassing existing print-based companies as well as online startups.

MediaMashup is the event dedicated to bringing together all of the brands in this new media ecosystem—without an emphasis in coverage on the one or the other.

At MediaMashup, executives from all media companies will find comprehensive education, trend analysis, real-world case studies, provacative keynotes and more. We'll identify the critical trends and offer the best insights into who's doing what that works. 

For more information, or to register, visit  

Question? Contact Assistant Marketing Manager, Danielle Sikes at; 203-899-8433.


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