We normally publish the FOLIO: 40, one of our most highly anticipated editorial franchises, in April. But we’ve made some major changes. Most significantly, it’s now the FOLIO: 100 and we’re publishing it in October to coincide with our annual MediaNext event in New York, which will have a special breakfast to honor our list-makers live and in person.

The reason behind the expansion of the list sits squarely among the trends that are impacting magazine media. The very definition of a magazine publisher has changed so much—from the products it creates to the way it builds its audience—that a list of 40 innovators seemed positively quaint.

The industry itself has also expanded to include digital, mobile and social entities that intersect magazines in crucial ways. To not recognize individuals from those sectors, and many others, would be a glaring omission.

Indeed, folks from these different markets have been making the list for several years now, but as the media community expands its strategies and product platforms and as new ones get created, it was the perfect time to bust open the FOLIO: 40 to 100 of the most entrepreneurial thinkers and doers.

And by putting the FOLIO: 100 in the October issue, it achieves the happy coincidence of attaching it to another editorial franchise that’s become a reader favorite—the 15 Under 30. Because really, what the twenty-somethings are accomplishing puts them on par with many of the FOLIO: 100 list-makers, but it’s more fun—and illuminating—to highlight the fact that they’re barely out of college.

Bill Mickey
Editorial Director