Professional technical association IEEE has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to help non-profit and non-governmental organizations advance their goals through a digital platform.

“CGI’s focus on providing innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems is directly in line with the mission of IEEE,” says E. James Prendergast, executive director and COO of IEEE, in a statement, “to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.”

The two-year partnership was announced at the CGI Annual Meeting and it was revealed that IEEE is constructing App-E-Feat, a resource website. App-E-Feat is part of the CGI Commitment to Action and will facilitate easy communication between engineers and non-profit, non-governmental organizations in an effort to develop mobile applications to further international outreach to those in need.

IEE was inspired to create App-E-Feat by President Clinton’s comments at the CGI 2013 Mid-Year Meeting acknowledging the impact mobile applications can have on poor communities in the developing world.

“Access to mobile technology resources can help these organizations further their inidivudal missions that do not have significant resources,” says Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow and vice president of IEEE-USA, in a statement.

In the first year of IEEE’s CGI Commitment to Action, App-E-Feat will be available to all CGI member organizations. In the second year, the site will also accommodate other global care foundations and associations looking to grow their digital presence.

IEEE says that the combination of manpower and specialized skill from its members will help keep costs low and solutions scalable to humanitarian issues. The association maintains that the mobile application designs will provide real-time information and data that non-profits and non-governmental organizations can then use to create new health, economic and social plans for their targeted in-need populations.

Prendergast contends that by “leveraging the mindshare of the IEEE community” CGI member organizations and later associations outside of that swath will have access to extensive technical expertise and assistance from IEEE members that ultimately could “have a great impact on their humanitarian efforts around the globe.”


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