IDG Communications’ Enterprise group, which includes Computerworld, InfoWorld, CIO and a number of other brands targeting the enterprise tech and IT market, has launched a private ad exchange, joining the ranks of other publishers, such as Hearst and Condé Nast, in an effort to tap into the growing programmatic buying market.

"If you look at the research in the marketplace, it’s predicting close to 30 percent of digital dollars will be programmatic," Michael Friedenberg, president and CEO of IDG Enterprise, tells FOLIO:. "More customers are putting more dollars to the programmatic side."

Called IDG Enterprise Exchange (IDGEx), and still in beta, the platform is invite-only and clients are vetted on a case-by-case basis, says Friedenberg.

Bidding starts at a $15 floor price and none of IDG Enterprise owned and operated site inventory will be part of the exchange.

By using the Exchange, customers can layer IDG Enterprise first-party data on its 8 million visitors with third-party data. Indeed, it’s the data that’s the key to driving successful programmatic campaigns.

IDGEx closes the loop for IDG Enterprise’s digital advertising capabilities. The company also has premium or custom advertising and marketing services—in a recent addition to those services the company just partnered with LinkedIn to create custom sponsored groups aligned with specific technology market verticals.

"That’s where you see media companies moving aggressively toward," says Friedenberg, "coupling premium data services with programmatic."

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