In a continued effort to make sense of native advertising, IAB released its latest study, "The Native Advertising Playbook."

The paper is intended to provide Internet advertisers and marketers with a framework for thinking and discussing the current state of native advertising. To do that, IAB broke native down into six ad-unit categories, along with six questions marketers should ask when evaluating each. IAB also offers some recommended best practices to consider.

The six types of ad units that are most common now are: in-feed, paid search, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad with native elements and custom. The paper defines each unit with details on how to evaluate them based on form, function, integration, targeting and measurement.

IAB’s study was released on the same day the FCC is holding its workshop, "Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?," as the commission looks to understand the practice to ensure fairness moving forward. IAB will also be holding a series of its own workshops beginning in March that will address topics like measurement, ethics and consumer attitudes towards advertising.

To read the full report click here.