The rapid pace of change with publishing technology, and consumer technology for that matter, has opened up a host of new opportunities for publishers. “Prevailing wisdom” has been turned on its head.

Without a doubt, mobile looms large in everyone’s tech ambitions, but some publishers may be hard-pressed to isolate one platform that’s had the biggest impact. Rather, in looking back over the last few years, technological change has had more of an aggregate effect, collectively altering the way we produce and deliver content and provide services to our marketing partners. This collective impact may be the result of how fast things change—publishers are perpetually, iteratively, updating and adding new capabilities.

Nevertheless, in the following excerpts, 10 executives from consumer, regional, b-to-b, association and digital-only publishers describe their game-changing technology investments, which range from mobile initiatives to content production overhauls and major changes in advertising services platforms.

There’s no consensus on one particular platform, though there’s surely a common thread they’re all pulling at, but the variety of priorities does indeed signal how widespread the tech changes are across the operation.


Jonathan Moffly
President, Moffly Media

Chris Kaskie
President, Pitchfork Media

Grant Whitmore
Vice President and General Manager, Hearst Magazines Digital Media

Maria Rodale
Chairman & CEO, Rodale Inc.

Peter Goldstone
CEO, Hanley Wood

Jim Casella
Chairman, CEO, Asset International

David Nussbaum
Chairman, CEO, F+W Media

John H. Graham IV, CAE
CEO & President, ASAE

Paul Miller

Steve Weitzner
CEO, Summit Professional Networks