Let’s face it, your younger colleagues are often the ones that wrestle with the high-volume front-line work. Yet, what’s always amazing to watch is how they build products and systems that fulfill those duties much more efficiently—or how they come to the table with new ideas and enthusiasm that grizzled veterans have long been unable to tap. Once again, we’re happy to present you with FOLIO:’s annual 15 Under 30—our list of some of the brightest individuals under the age of 30 who are executing on some of our industry’s most innovative ideas.

Lauren Bertolini
Content Manager, Community Development, Gawker Media | Age: 25
Deena Bustillo
Celebrity News Editor, Zimbio.com | Age: 27
David Katz
Director of Audience Ad Product Solutions, Time Inc. | Age: 27
Victoria Joyce
Senior Integrated Promotions Manager, Cosmopolitan | Age: 29
Jaime Koch
Managing Editor, Hardware Retailing Magazine | Age: 27
Aram Zucker-Scharff
Content Strategist, CFO | Age: 25
Ashley DaSilva
Associate Director and Senior Project Manager, ADC and GDC Conferences, UBM Tech | Age: 27
Kaitlin Hawkins
Social Media Editor, World Literature Today | Age: 23
Anthony Polcino
Director, Ad Operations, Ziff Davis | Age: 27
Kesal Patel
Associate Director of Technology for Marketing Solutions, Condé Nast | Age: 26
Natalie Sacco
Digital Media Manager, Penton | Age: 29
Andrea Martucci
Managing Director, Plougshares Literary Journal | Age: 25
Sarah Redohl
Managing Editor, Columbia Home & Columbia Business Times | Age: 23
Meghan Servello
Digital Product Manager, ALM Media | Age: 24
Shane Snow
Co-founder, Contently | Age: 29