Cloud-based CMS, ecommerce and CRM services provider ePublishing has acquired Next-Tech Markets and its advertising network of business publishers.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Next-Tech’s B2B Audience Network is primarily made up of industrial, energy, defense, greentech, medical, IT and emerging technologies publishers, and includes more than 300 online publications for clients including UBM, Cygnus and GIE Media. The acquisition brings ePublishing’s client total to about 800, says Thomas Chaffee, the firm’s CEO.

More significant, he notes, is ePublishing’s expansion into advertising. The company had relied strictly on "alternative business models" before.

"We’d spent a lot of time and energy building these different models and giving these guys a lot of flexibility, but we’d never really went down to the heart of the matter which was advertising-it was time to make the move on that," Chaffee says. "We’re going to use their system to drive a lot more tied, contextual advertising to the user, whether its demographic or behavioral."

Next Tech’s staff will be retained, including Andy Kowl, founder of Next-Tech, who joins ePublishing as senior vice president of publishing strategy.

"Helping fellow publishers leverage ePublishing’s integrated technology to create new and diversified revenue streams, while reducing dependency on IT, is a great place to be," he says in a release.

The Next-Tech purchase follows the acquisition of Ellington CMS, a content management system used by about 300 publishers, last July.

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