Several trends held firm for editor and executive editor salaries in 2013. Association editors got pay increases for the fourth-consecutive year, as b-to-b hit a 7-year high and became the highest-paid segment for this job title at $76,300. Consumer editor and executive editor salaries continued to fall however, dropping for the third year in a row, landing at $75,600.

Demographically, younger, less experienced editors are steadily and quickly gaining ground on older ones. While those under age 40 have had their pay increase from $50,200 in 2011 to $68,100 this year—a jump of almost $18,000—those 40 and older are earning only $1,800 more than they were three years ago ($79,100 in 2013). Over that time, the gaps have also shrunk between those with the most and least experience in publishing ($30,000 to $23,000), at a particular company ($18,000 to $13,700) and in a specific position ($15,400 to $6,200).

Regional differences also continued to shrink in this year’s survey. The difference between the most high-paying region, the Northeast ($84,000), and the lowest-paying region, the Midwest ($68,700), fell to $15,300 from $25,000 a year ago and $36,300 in 2011.