Travel+Escape has launched a digital editon available for the iPad and iPhone. The digital edition will feature 360-degree images and interactivity that encourages readers to engage the content in creative ways. The magazine is only available for Apple devices, however an Android model is expected roll out in the future.

Yahoo! has introduced a new iOS app that is fully customizable by the user. The app features the newly acquired Summly—a news aggregation app.

Google has purchased Wavii for $30 million. Wavii is a news summary app, similar to Yahoo!’s recently acquired Summly. It has been reported that Apple expressed interest in acquiring Wavii to integrate it into its voice-activated feature, Siri, however there has been no word from Google on its plans for the app.

The Economist plans to optimize HTML5 capabilities by rolling out an online app mirroring a tablet experience. Weekly issues will be downloadable for subscribers, who can then experience the content on or offline. The app will only be compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

Gannett’s USA Today has launched a new social sports site that is taking aim at Buzzfeed-style content. The site name, For The Win (FTW), is a play on social media/texting dialect, which suggests what its editorial tone will be like. The company is billing FTW as a first-of-its-kind product, meaning it is the first sports website designed to penetrate social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Growing & Leveraging Your Audience Database
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