Mac|Life launches interactive edition for iPad.
The interactive version of technology magazine Mac|Life debuted with a $5.99 per issue and $10.99 per year subscription offer.  Available exclusively for iPad, the new edition enhances the interactivity of its Apple product-focused editorial content through story animation, slideshows and enhanced navigation. Mac|Life Interactive replaces the PDF version of the magazine previously accessible to iPad users. Current Apple Newsstand subscribers will upgrade automatically at no additional cost.

New offline editorial app pays more for content and charges less.
A team of developers from The New York Times, Instagram, Apple and more has developed a news app for Apple’s Newsstand, called Offline. Offline publishes monthly issues containing five broadly targeted general interest pieces that average roughly 1,000 words. The app prices issues at just $0.99 and aims to eventually pay its contributors up to $10,000 for a single article.  One of the more innovative aspects of Offline is its professionally narrated voiceover feature in which a tap upon any sentence converts the article to audio for easy audio consumption.

TRUFFLE Travel releases a mobile “insider’s guide” to travel destinations.
TRUFFLE Travel has just launched an app for iOS. The digital travel guide plays the role of “a trusted friend in every city,” providing recommendations for the best food, nightlife and cultural experiences in major cities. Among other features, the app provides public transportation maps and a tip calculator that accounts for local etiquette. Content is adjustable based on users’ personal preferences and is continuously updated. The app is available for free in the Apple App store.

FLTR is the world’s first smartphone photography magazine.
The creators of British Journal of Photography have released the iOS-based weekly magazine FLTR—the first to focus solely on iPhone photography. The publication specializes in content surrounding the latest techniques, devices and trends in smartphone photography and has a broad scope of target readers, ranging from amateur to professional “image creators.” FLTR is available in the App Store with a special launch offer of five free issues after which each weekly issue will be available for $0.99.

Growing & Leveraging Your Audience Database
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