Mag+ announces InDesign CC compatibility.
In addition to an InDesign CC plug-in, the updated version of Mag+ includes a new script that automates the conversion of PDF files into Mag+ InDesign files. The conversion tool was developed to assist customers in converting older materials like as back issues. The next release of the Mag+ platform, scheduled for February 2014, will include several more enhancements. The Mag+ 4.4 installer is available now at

Harper’s Magazine releases improved iOS app.
Harper’s Magazine has cooperated with 29th Street publishing to develop a new app for the iPhone and iPad. The app, soon to be available for Android too, is said to be a vast improvement over Harpers’ first-generation app and a step forward for the previously print-focused publication. Print subscribers can read from mobile devices free of charge, while other users will have paid access to individual issues through their devices.

PASMAG+ is PASMAG’s non-traditional “best of” app.
PASMAG has released a new app for the newsstand. Unlike traditional subscriber apps, PASMAG+ pieces together what creators view as the best content from the magazine’s entire archive in one continuously updated “special edition” format. As an option, readers also can download the Zinio app to access the magazine in its original form. The “special edition” app is available on digital newsstands for free.

Jones magazine launches digital issues.
The fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine and shopping guide has announced the release of a slew of digital subscriber options for Mac, Android, PC and the Apple Newsstand. Jones’ digital expansion is driven by a growing audience and plans to add more reader options in Apple’s App Store, on Kindle Fire devices and more sometime in the near future.

APC announces new iPad app with reduced subscription.
In light of its recent change in ownership, APC has re-released its previous app in Apple’s App Store, with new lower subscription prices at $5.49 per issue and $35.99 per year. Current subscriptions to APC’s former app cannot be transferred, although readers may request a subscription refund and will still have access to previously purchased APC back issues. 

Rumble launches Platform 2.0. 
The mobile platform for publishers Rumble has reinvented its platform with Rumble 2.0, a new version that allows publishers more control over their mobile presence than ever, from design to advertising to paywall monetization. The updated platform will become widely available in 2014.

Growing & Leveraging Your Audience Database
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