Magento Enterprise Edition is an open source e-commerce platform that allows F+W Media to rapidly deploy integrated e-commerce storefronts for physical and digital product sales direct-to-consumer. Magento Enterprise Edition is used by leading retailers like Nike, Vizio, Paul Smith and more.

The open source nature of Magento allows a small, effective team of developers to extend the codebase and utilize a library of plugins and extensions to expand and enhance the e-commerce experience for our customers. As a result, we’re able to sell physical products, digital products, subscription based products, kits and bundles. We’re also able to offer unique VIP programs and loyalty programs for our best customers. It’s this product curation, coupled with the program, that has helped grow our e-commerce business year over year to tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The Magento Enterprise Edition is cost-effective for a multi-channel business like ours. We can replicate, deploy, and maintain more than 20 e-commerce stores on a single platform. This enables F+W Media to enter new markets, create new partnerships, and quickly expand our e-commerce footprint. The software, coupled with our internal expertise, is best in class in the media sector.

A robust, scalable e-commerce solution, Magento is key to quickly deploying e-commerce stores in key markets F+W serves. The platform is built for replication and is scalable enough to meet the needs of our enthusiast media customer base. It allows for customization and extended feature sets to expand and grow our e-commerce engagement and conversion.