If you ask publishing CTOs what their technology priorities are, they’re likely to tell you that they’re centered around content development and distribution. How do I know that? Because that’s exactly what we did for our July/August issue. Our cover story features an amazing panel of CIOs and CTOs who weigh in on the top publishing technology trends and priorities.

A common thread throughout the discussion is a concentration on building a layered system that can accommodate multiplatform content production. That’s no small feat, but it’s absolutely necessary for publishers who still consider print to be one of their major product lines.

Mobile and tablet publishing are certainly top of mind, and all of our panelists have already moved quickly and substantially in that direction, but mobile is still only part of the overall content puzzle. Personalization, data and the ability to create content in a way that’s independent of the form-factor are also part of the mix.

Investment in technology has changed dramatically. The panelists all say that the big, multi-year build-outs are ancient history. Now, it’s an iterative approach. Capital investments are more strategic, with bets placed on consumer trends, rather than perpetual software upgrades. In that respect, there’s more investment in software as a service solutions, which, say the panelists, is particularly vexing for CFOs, who can’t insert these kinds of expenditures into the typical asset depreciation formula.