The end of a year always brings with it a host of new initiatives for the coming one. The year 2013 was a time that many publishers put renewed focus on digital and events, building out alternative revenue streams as print, for the most part, remained flat to down. And as we enter 2014, publishers have a new slate of priorities to focus on, including video, mobile and community development. Technology—particularly with content production—was also a big focus, but one executive featured here is about as bullish on print as you can get. Either way, 2014 is looking like a year where publishers are focusing on building audience and devising ways, whether through content formats or technology, to expand brand appeal.

Daniel Brogan
President and Editor-in-Chief | 5280 Publishing, Inc.

Ivy Baer Sherman
Editor-in-Chief, President and CEO | Vintage Magazine

Lou Ann Sabatier
CEO | MediaDC

Doug Manoni
CEO | 

Scott McCafferty
Co-Founder, Managing Partner | WTWH Media, LLC

Cindy Jeffers
CEO, CTO | Salon Media Group

Elisabeth DeMarse
Chairman, President and CEO | TheStreet, Inc.

Sarah Wilke
Publisher | The Upper Room

Michael Biggerstaff
CEO | Nxtbook Media [Sponsored Content]

Malcolm Netburn
Chairman and CEO | CDS Global [Sponsored Content]

Michael P. Duloc
President and CEO | Palm Coast Data [Sponsored Content]