New York-based b-to-b media publisher Asset International, which serves the the finance market, is continuing its growth into the European market by further segmenting its aiCIO (chief investment officer) brand into more regionally-focused editions.

Since launching in 2009, the brand has averaged 50 percent revenue growth each year—spread across digital, events and print.

The brand has been producing regionally-based events in Europe and Austraila, and is now planning to customize its editorial content to those areas as well. "We’re making a bigger push on the geographic side to create new versions of our websites and print editions to go with our geographically-based events," says Jason Cassidy, senior vice president of strategy and development.

Editorially, the new demographic editions, as aiCIO editor Kip McDaniel refers to them, will better target investment issues relevant to a particular region or country. "Editorially, our focus is on pools of money of a half-billion dollars and larger," he says. "Around half of those are U.S.-based and about half are non-U.S., but based in markets with strong retirement markets. It made sense for us to focus our content on those markets. At first we were serving our content equally to all parts of the globe. As our audience grows we want to refine that."

That refinement will naturally begin to focus on content of use to a local market. Not all U.S. financial policy decisions, for example, impact everyone around the world. "A Dutch pension fund doesn’t really care about the Dodd-Frank Act," adds McDaniel.

Nevertheless, the magazine will continue to offer global content that’s shared between editions. "A lot of what a global head of a pension plan cares about is truly global in nature," says Cassidy. "It’s similar to other sectors, like IT. A lot of the content is global, and then there’s the local content to attract a dedicated reader."

Right now, aiCIO has about 20,000 subscribers, just about split between print and digital platforms. And its site broke a record in February with 30,000 uniques.

On the business side, the new content segments open up opportunities for an expanded advertising pool. "Clearly there are players that are trying to reach a global market, but there are advertisers who—especially based on the nuances of where budgets are being allocated—are spending on U.S. or European markets only," says Cassidy.


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