ALM has introduced iOS apps for 14 of its publications. This is another step in a series of ambitious digital moves the company has made in the last few months.

In March, ALM optimized 20 of its e-newsletters, which led to a 60 percent jump in open rates. The company has since upped that number to around 50 e-newsletters. Following that, ALM introduced dedicated sites for 14 of its titles in May.

When factoring everything, it becomes apparent that ALM is emerging as one of the leaders in mobile b-to-b publishing. And it makes sense when you consider that close to 90 percent of lawyers (a large portion of the company’s target demographic) actively use smartphones.

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"We have focused our digital strategy on meeting our reader’s preferences and now provide a portfolio of options for readers to access ALM’s up-to-date legal news and information on smartphones and tablets," Jeffrey S. Litvack, chief digital officer at ALM said in a statement.

As aggressive as the company’s strategy is, there is still a gaping hole-Android. While ALM’s e-newsletter and mobile dedicated sites are Android-friendly, its new apps obviously aren’t. This is not uncommon however, as developers often launch with products for Apple’s operating system first, even though Android still dominates market shares domestically and globally.

Nevertheless, Litvack tells FOLIO: that less than 10 percent of its readers are accessing ALM’s content through an Android device, so its strategy on that platform is to take a "wait and see approach." He also suggests that news apps inherently perform better on the iOS platform.

ALM’s online sites increased Web traffic by nearly 60 percent over the past year. And 45 percent of that traffic was generated through mobile devices. Mobile lends itself well to ALM’s brands when you think about its reader-base being mostly on-the-go professionals.

Litvack says that even with its recent aggressive launches the company is still in its early stages of rolling out its overall digital objectives. "We’re probably about 20-30 percent into the process, so there’s a lot more that we have to do." He adds, "the last and most important piece will be centered around content."

According to Litvack, the company’s brands are also undergoing major overhauls on their sites. And says that the reason is because "we [ALM] have great content but we need to make it more discoverable." His advice to other publishers looking to get bullish in the mobile space: "You have to be prepared for mistakes and not let them trip you up, and you need to be more agile as you become a digital organization."