Mobile is more than just a buzzword for b-to-b publisher ALM—it’s a now an essential medium that the company views as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to their sites. Since optimizing 20 of its electronic newsletters for viewing on mobile devices in early March, the company has seen open rates increase by more than 60 percent.

“Electronic newsletters are one of the most effective means for b-to-b companies and marketers to drive more traffic to their sites,” Jeffery Litvack, SVP of Digital Media for ALM, says in a release. “It has become imperative for media companies to make their content easy to read and interact with on mobile devices. Publishers like ALM need to get ahead of the consumer smartphone adoption curve and design emails that render differently on mobile devices.”

ALM newsletters now automatically render and know what sort of device or screen size it is dealing with, serving up the appropriate HTML that works best for that specific device. About 40 percent of ALM’s readers open their e-newsletters on their mobile devices, most of which use Apple iOS devices.

Litvack says that by introducing mobile optimization, advertisers and readers can realize tangible benefits from faster load times, easier to read formats and more visible ad messages.

“Internet usage data indicates that the mobile future is here, with more people opening emails in mobile browsers than with any other platform,” adds Litvack.

To back up that claim, ALM cites several data points:

• Two out of three U.S. email users sort through their emails on their mobile devices before reading them on their computers, according to BlueHornet’s report, 2013 Consumer Views of Email Marketing.

• The 2013 Consumer Views Email Marketing report also shows, according to ALM, that 70 percent of people delete emails that do not format properly on their mobile device.

• Citing Return Path Analysis, ALM says that mobile open share rates have increased 300 percent since 2010.

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