There are about 300 million people who live in the United States, almost a third, or 78 million, of whom are baby boomers. Now that America’s largest population segment is aging, the Pennsylvania-based Great Valley Publishing Company is rebranding its aging-focused magazine to better reflect the nation’s new demographics.

The publisher’s bimonthly title Aging Well will become Today’s Geriatric Medicine. The first issue will hit with the May/June edition, and the brand’s digital presence has been remade as well with the introduction of

“Now, with older adults representing the largest segment of America’s population, [we] are expanding the scope of coverage to include other health care professionals whose participation figures prominently in the care of older adults, including dietitians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists,” a statement from Great Valley Publishing Company says.

Today’s Geriatric Medicine is part of a Great Valley Publishing roster of publications, which includes Today’s Dietitian and Social Work Today. Great Valley also publishes the health information management trade magazine, For The Record, as well as the monthly, Radiology Today.
“Helping geriatric patients maintain their health and quality of life requires a team of professionals whose expertise and involvement are varied,” explains publisher Mara Honicker in a statement. “The physician certainly leads the team, but we wanted to expand the magazine’s focus to include the other professionals who apply their knowledge and input to the care of older adults. We’re confident that the magazine’s new title clearly reflects this expanded editorial coverage and will appeal to all professionals who make up the geriatric medicine team.”