The Alliance for Audited Media has announced one step that will ease the burden on some publishers now, and another that may do the same in the future.

AAM has approved an optional streamlined audit program for publishers with circulations of less than 100,000. Publishers would be able to do without certain metrics like average price, average edition circulation, trending analysis and geographic breakdowns-metrics that Mark Wachowicz, senior vice president of sales and marketing for AAM, says are unnecessary for smaller publications.

"The new program has eliminated a number of reporting elements for that segment of the membership," he says. "That segment of the membership doesn’t really utilize any of those categories, and more importantly, the endemic advertisers, which is the vast makeup of their advertising component, don’t use any of that information."

Members opting for the reduced two-page reports will see a cost savings of 20 to 30 percent, Wachowicz notes, although custom add-ons will available at additional cost. Publishers will see additional time and labor savings in reporting fewer categories, he says.

Wachowicz says the move was made partly in response to calls from membership since the economic downturn.

The changes will go into effect in the first half of 2014, with the option being available to about one-third of AAM’s members.

Digital Developments

AAM also announced that it would be increasing investment in the organization’s digital offerings, specifically in its product line.

One of those initiatives involves developing closer working relationships with digital solutions providers. Getting metrics directly from an app developer or a newsletter provider would eliminate a reporting burden for publishers.

"If we were able to work in concert with them to develop a platform-type audit, we wouldn’t have to look at the individual metrics at the individual magazine level to confirm the data they want to include," he says.

AAM is also working to build out its Media Intelligence Center, focusing on realtime reporting of digital metrics.

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