It looks to be a good time for tech investments, with enterprise marketing company Unified receiving $10 million from Conde Nast parent company Advance Publications. The company pulled in another $4 million from Silicon Valley Bank, infusing Unified with $14 million to put towards technology innovation, talent acquisition and an expanded sales effort.

Andrew Siegel, SVP of strategy and corporate development at Advance Publications, comments on the investment in a Unified press release, “Social has effectively become the core vehicle for consumer interaction and our advertisers have demanded viral results across the Internet and on mobile platforms. UNIFIED has established itself as the premier enterprise marketing technology platform that offers innovative solutions for CMOs and their agencies to activate virality and transparently measure success.”

Unified’s Social Operating Platform is used by brands and agencies to enhance company presences on Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. The cloud-based platform includes media planning abilities, campaign pricing and ad unit hosting. Its client roster includes Microsoft, Horizon Media and Carrot Creative.

Other recent social tech investment news includes’s $689 million acquisition of Buddy Media, as well as Oracle’s Vitrue purchase, worth $300 million.