UBM Tech has consolidated educational materials from across its growing network into one website.

The new site, TechOnline (pictured), will serve as a centralized learning and training resource for professionals in the electronics design industry. Educational content—webinars, tech papers, courses, videos, etc.—will be pulled from sister titles EE Times, EDN, Embedded and Test & Measurement World, in addition to e-commerce links from UBM Tech-owned Datasheets.com.

Brent Pearson, CIO of UBM Tech electronics, says the new site is a way to strengthen the bond between brands within the network.

“This will be the bridge between them,” he says. “We were getting subsets on each site where some users have an affinity to a specific site. The best thing to do was to create a superset of education and training and have it in one central place.”

Bolstered by a single sign-on feature and a growing events sector, 30 percent of UBM Tech’s existing audience now accesses more than one network site on a regular basis. That number is up from about 10 percent two years ago.

As practiced before the launch of TechOnline, each independent site will continue to maintain its own educational content section. Beginning in January, the material will migrate to TechOnline, however.

One of the new site’s main navigational features is the TechOnline Directory which contains links to more than 2,000 company-specific pages maintained by the site’s editorial staff. Each page holds educational materials from each company, along with links to editorial content from around the network and products on Datasheets.com.

The directory allows relevant tech firms to participate on a free or paid basis. Three levels of paid membership will offer leads, promotion and certain content additions.

While Pearson declined to specify the number of sponsored pages TechOnline had sold so far, he did say response has been limited. UBM Tech will be reaching out to more potential buyers in January after the site is fully integrated into the rest of the network, however.

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