Another element of Time Inc.’s digitally-oriented strategic plan has emerged with the announcement that it’s launching a centralized video operation. To head it up, it’s nabbed J.R. McCabe as senior vice president, video. McCabe was most recently doing a very similar job at Meredith, where he built Meredith Video Studios as vice president and chief video officer.

The plan is to create a dedicated video group—current staff and operations attached to specific brands will be consolidated under one umbrella. Beyond that, Time Inc. will be adding more bodies and equipment resources. "This is a growth priority for Time Inc. and we are investing in people, capabilities and studio space," says Todd Larsen, executive vice president and group president, news and sports, in a statement.  

McCabe will report to Larson, who was named to his EVP post last September.

One of the last initiatives McCabe handled for Meredith was a partnership with digital entertainment network CelebTV to feature daily videos on the Divine Caroline website.

The deal notably expanded Meredith into the celebrity realm. "One of the fastest growing areas in the industry is ad sales in the digital market," McCable said of the CelebTV partnership. "In addition to our core, which we don’t want to stray from, this is one of the places we see as a growth area."

That sentiment was echoed by Larson for Time Inc.’s new venture. "Digital video is one of the fastest growing categories for advertisers and with our scale and breadth of quality journalism, we think we can really capitalize on our editorial strength."


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