Adam Marder, most recently the vice president and general manager for sales at, has been named executive vice president and CFO of Summit Business Media. The appointment completes the new executive management team that CEO Steve Weitzner has been putting together since he joined the company in February.

The new group effectively replaces the previous executive team—former CTO Dave MacDonald, VP of human resources Kathy Schnieder and CFO Thomas Flynn have all since left the company.

Weitzner has a background in technology publishing, formerly an executive at CMP/UBM and then Ziff Davis Enterprise. And he’s been bringing that market’s aggressive digital content development, marketing services and lead-gen sensibilities to Summit.

Marder’s experience at was key in winning the CFO spot. "I was looking to strengthen the operational management side of the business with people who had a lot of digital experience—and experience around transforming companies of this type," says Weitzner. "So everybody that I’ve brought on has had experience in traditional b-to-b, but also at a company that moved aggressively into digital."

Marder, says Weitzner, has experience in setting up digital reporting systems and, importantly, an understanding of digital sales management. "The digital sales process is different," he explains. "It’s realtime, not set up around a monthly cycle as it is in print. Things happen very quickly, there’s a constant evolution of the product and there’s a lot more going on after the sale with reporting and deliverables."

Also on the executive committee are chief audience officer Peter Westerman, who came to Summit via Ziff Davis Enterprise; chief information officer Brian Magnotta, also from Ziff Davis Enterprise where he was CTO; and senior vice president of human resources Colleen Zelina who most recently held that same title at KnowledgePoint360.

Rounding out the team, and on the scene before Weitzner arrived, are John Whelan (EVP and managing director, media division), Jonathan Moore (SVP and managing director, event division) , Rick Kravitz (VP and managing director, professional publishing division) and Jamie E. Green (VP content).