Eddie Winner: Best Full Issue and Single Article, B-To-B/Food Service/Hotel

One of Sommelier Journal’s biggest hurdles for nominating its magazine for best single issue was picking only one issue to compete. Business manager Phil Vogels says, “Our consistency is one of our virtues,” given that, he and his team struggled to settle on one issue that went beyond the rest.

After much deliberation, Vogels settled on the February 28th special issue “The Wine List.” Not only does he think the issue represents one of the year’s best issues, but he indicates that it breaks some of the publication’s special issue norms, which he says typically tend to feature “more wine coverage and less business information.“

Vogels adds, “We do a special issue every year, and this year we had picked the wine list. We thought the issue did an excellent job adhering to that topic [managing a wine list]. And It had a lot of good material in it for the restaurants.”

An advantage Sommelier Journal has in its editorial scheduling is the timeliness of its topic. Vogels suggest that because they are the “only wine-centric” trade publication, the wine and regions featured do not require the same rigid schedule that its business relevant content does. Therefore, like wine, many of the features are given plenty of time to develop. Plus as Vogels points out, “The wine content is always easy for us because that’s what all the writers want to write.”