Hearst Digital Media partnered with Mulu to launch a social giving e-commerce program on Seventeen.com. The initiative will aid Hearst’s e-commerce strategy, allowing the website’s visitors to directly purchase products personalized according to viewed content. The shopping recommendations, which appear in a “muluBox” widget at the bottom of the web page, will bring the visitor directly to the original website of the product for easier and faster shopping. Hearst plans to introduce the gadget on several of its other sites in the coming months.

Additionally, the program allows Seventeen.com to appoint its affiliate earnings towards a chosen cause from products purchased in the muluBox; proceeds support the site’s selected cause, STOMP Out Bullying, an anti-bullying and cyber-bulling program.

The Mulu widget is spread throughout Seventeen’s website, and will alter its featured products according to the content of the video, slideshow or article being viewed. “Shop Now in support of STOMP Out Bullying” is read directly above the gadget to inform shoppers of the site’s designated cause. Visitors can also circulate the cause by sharing the muluBox on their own personal blog pages.

The affiliation ideally creates a three-tiered advantage: increased shopping on Seventeen’s web pages, boosting Mulu’s idea of charity-based affiliate marketing to other brands and supporting the anti-bullying advocacy.

According to Mulu’s website, online retailers pay 5 to 20 percent for referred sales.

“Offering our consumers the ability to browse the products they love as well as shop the pages of our sites is an important strategic imperative for 2012 and beyond,” Grant Whitmore, vice president of Hearst Digital Media, said in a statement.