Scholastic is folding the Weekly Reader brand into its Classroom Magazines group. Some of the resulting titles will be co-branded, while others will be discontinued. The move comes just five months after Scholastic acquired Weekly Reader from Reader’s Digest Association for $3.6 million.

The plan had been to merge the Weekly Reader brands—more than a dozen in the elementary and high school grades—into Scholastic’s existing stable of classroom magazines, now at about 28 subject-specific titles, shortly after the acquisition last February.

Subscribers to the Weekly Reader brands will be transitioned to the new co-branded titles or Scholastic titles that have absorbed features of corresponding Weekly Reader magazines.

"Editors from both Weekly Reader and Scholastic News have spent months in discussions with teachers determining which features work best for teachers and students," says a Scholastic spokesperson. "Some of the many magazines (ranging from social studies to math, health and the arts) will be co-branded, such as Junior Scholastic/Current Events and Scholastic News/Weekly Reader."

The move was first reported by the New York Post, which said 55 of the 60 remaining Weekly Reader employees—40 were let go immediately after the acquisition—were going to be cut as a result.

The spokesperson would not confirm those numbers with FOLIO:, but said some employees were being considered for positions in other divisions within Scholastic while others were opting not to commute to Manhattan.

The new grouping of titles will begin with the 2012-2013 school year.

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