Pangea Media, maker of social media marketing platform SnapApp, has announced the sale of its quiz and sweepstakes website division to Adknowledge, a Kansas City-based ad marketplace and performance-based marketing services provider. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

Pangea Media specifies that its decision to sell was motivated by the success of SnapApp, and a need to shift more focus to the marketing platform. In a statement, CEO Seth Lieberman said, “The sale of our website business allows us to focus 100 percent on the SnapApp platform and our SnapApp customers.”

While Lieberman declined to disclose growth projections moving forward, he does suggest that the company is looking toward new business and enhancing its product for its current list of clients. Lieberman also suggests that growing the product will require targeting customers who manage and generate content, customers who have or want to establish a brand identity or customers who operate on an agency model.

SnapApp is a platform that allows an entity to foster social media traffic by enabling a myriad of social media tools and tactics. Clients can customize their strategy to attract and engage their audience with features like contests, surveys and quizzes. Additionally, SnapApp can be used to collect leads, track impressions, and measure engagement. These features are especially attractive to publisher because the product can be integrated into a CMS.

To date, Pangea reports that SnapApp has facilitated over 60 million engagements, and has induced more than 1 million conversations. Recently the platform was enhanced to allow customers to maximize the product’s potential with options like a goal wizard, a dashboard monitor, and improved sharing features.