Digital Editorial Director
Outside Magazine
Age: 25

Takeaway: Outside Online has had 100 percent growth in pages views and 150 percent growth in unique visitors in August 2011, when compared to the same period last year.

With just over five months under his belt as digital editorial director for Outside, Nicholas Jackson has taken the reins on the magazine’s digital presence as overseer of the its website and digital staff.

Prior to joining the Outside team in April 2012, Jackson worked at The Atlantic for a year and a half assisting the launch of the Technology and Video Channels, as well as taking control of the Life Channel and managing the daily operations of the Health Channel.

It seems there is method to Jackson’s madness. “I obsessively track the performance of my favorite websites and news about the business of media, using that growing database of knowledge and analysis, as well as my constant interaction with our readers—over email, through Twitter and Facebook—to make decisions about the direction Outside Online will move in.”

Under Jackson’s authority, the digital team is continuing to improve Outside Online’s navigation and functionality by refining how content is showcased, engaging the audience with more social media as well as overhauling the site’s commenting platform. “Today, we’re already averaging about a dozen new pieces of content every day on our website,” Jackson says. “As we plan for 2013, we’re hoping to increase our content production goals without sacrificing quality.”

Outside Online’s August 2012 audience is more than four times that of August 2011, and nearly three times that of March 2012, the month prior to Jackson’s arrival. It has seen a 100 percent growth in page views and 150 percent growth in unique visitors from the same month last year.