While big-name magazines have held a presence on Apple’s Newsstand since its inception, small to medium-sized publishers have had a harder time breaking through.

As a result, online marketing education company 30DC recently launched its MagCast digital publishing platform to serve what it sees as an untapped market—niche publishers seeking a lower-cost way to produce and distribute an app.

For a one-year license, MagCast charges a single payment of about $2,000, or three payments of just under $900. Publishers, in return, get what MagCast calls a “turnkey” template designer, publishing tool and a WYSIWIG HTML editor, as well as an online education course on designing and delivering a magazine app to Apple’s Newsstand.

The company recently completed a “test” release with six publications, including Digital Marketer (DM), Lifestyle Design (LD) and GuitarSkills magazines. It says DM has reached the top ten highest-grossing business magazines, while LD and GuitarSkills were featured in the “What’s Hot” section of Newsstand.

MagCast enables the embedding of videos, photos, newsletter sign-up forms, surveys and social media tools.

30DC CEO Edward Dale refers to the platform as “magazine publishing for the rest of us,” allowing niche publishers the chance to “leverage Newsstand’s exponential growth to build an audience, gain potential sales leads and reach their customers through the use of interactive content.”

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