Ozzie Winner: Best Overall Design, Association/Non-Profit

Nature Conservancy is a 650,000-circulation quarterly and member benefit to The Nature Conservancy, an Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit that addresses large-scale conservation issues around the world. With over 1 million members, the 62-year-old Nature Conservancy works with companies and regional governments to “conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.”

With that charge, it’s not a stretch to imagine that the publication behind the organization would tell its stories with a photography-rich presentation. That sensibility is clearly evident in the winning issue, which features a minimalist cover that lets the image do most of the talking. “Our design is definitely driven by our photography and Melissa Ryan, our photography director, collaborated with some fantastic photographers for this issue,” says Teresa Duran, the magazine’s publisher, who, at the time of the submission, was its editor.

The magazine’s designer, Katie Lesser, maintains a very restrained palette, says Duran, which keeps the contents clean, warm and approachable.

The design team, including app designer Christopher Johnson, is making sure the design sensibility plays out across the Web and app versions as well. Sidebars, for example, not only allow for a point of entry in the print magazine, they’ll also feature interactive qualities in the app.