Mediaspectrum, a “cloud computing platform,” has released a 2.0 version of its Adrenalin tool, which allows publishers to create customized apps, integrated with advertising and subscription systems. The new version now supports Android as well as Apple and features a “more robust” ad serving and tracking system that monitors banner ad clicks as well as content read, both online and offline.

“I’m being told by publishers more and more that their advertisers are demanding they become much more measurable with what’s happening with their advertising,” says John Miller, strategy consultant to Mediaspectrum. “What you read online or in an iPad format is probably at least, if not more important than what banner ad you click on. The deep data Adrenalin 2.0 provides is compelling to advertisers.”

The tool allows publishers to create two types of apps: a more customized “Adrenalin News Reader” or what it calls its “Replica+,” which recreates the print version with the option of adding videos and additional content. Miller says that, while the former has become increasingly more popular, the latter may actually help publishers and advertisers better understand the print product: “You can see how the content is read, where there are clicks on the page, and you can go back to advertisers and say, ‘This is how readers respond here.’”

Publishers upload content into the Adrenalin content management system using XML/RSS feeds and, through a single interface, the content is automatically outputted to print, web, mobile, and tablet platforms. Mediaspectrum works with publishers to establish custom templates, creating a “baseline that allows you to pump out this information automatically,” says Miller. Then, a publisher has the option of spending additional time on further customization.

Morris Communications, publisher of 13 daily and 28 weekly newspapers as well 18 magazines, has implemented all of its content and ad production into the Mediaspectrum system, creating “one big platform and a single source of data.” Adrenalin can work with other content management systems as well, but Miller calls this type of consolidation “the holy grail”: “The more separate systems you have, the more siloed your data is.”

The tool also aims to offer cost-savings: “I work with a lot of publishers who can’t afford to put out even a single iPad app or edition,” says Miller, who has worked for twenty years as a magazine and newspaper consultant. While pricing varies based on the scope of each project, he says, “Most publishers are spending way too much money on their production process and producing their digital assets. We pretty much guarantee that [new Adrenalin users] are going to be paying less than they’re paying now.”