At M2MEDIA360, the pre-2008 thinking of many verticals with a centralized back office as the key to profits is being replaced with a concentrated focus in 2013 on fewer, stronger business categories where we have engaged audiences and comprehensive channel coverage. This focus, we feel, provides the best foundation on which to diversify and expand offerings where we will have the greatest voice.

M2MEDIA360 is unique because its roots include vast experiences in building and providing Information Services and we recognize the power of magazines to propel our markets into this area. With built-in equity of business category expertise through long-term content and audience development, this is a natural direction to take to broaden our relationships and extend our credibility with readers and marketers alike.

We recognized early on the value of technology and outsourcing in keeping an independent (in more ways than one) company competitive and connected internally and externally. This year will be no different. We are excited to be implementing cloud-based production services and are evaluating cost efficient content repurposing tools that knock out major time and resource consuming steps for quicker to market, expanded readership options.

It is back to basics for the M2MEDIA360 sales teams as we discover the power of our audience with untapped non-endemic markets. The drive and pull for digital options among the b-to-b communities where we participate has been slow to materialize. We will be more proactive in dispelling the myth that publishing is dying through more concentrated efforts to simply and clearly demonstrate the additional excitement and reach a multiplatform program can bring.

Finally, we will continue to BE BOLD. Our philosophy of ‘The old rules no longer apply and there are no rules,’ has always driven us to keep an open mind to the adoption of previously unheard of principles. The world of business has fundamentally shifted for our customers and so will we by recognizing and leading the charge.