As business buyers turn to a broader array of sources for educating themselves on purchasing decisions, particularly through social networks, b-to-b marketers have followed suit by looking for broader campaigns that go way beyond simple branding placements. As a result publishers are building out suites of marketing services groups to meet this demand. IDG’s Amplify service, which focuses on social marketing tactics, has expanded its product line with four new services.

Amplify, which launched about four years ago as a way to build social elements into display advertising, has grown to include social web monitoring and intelligence, community threading and custom content creation.

This week, the company announced the addition of four new service elements and packages.

Social Pulse: A mobile-based service that creates a mobile "player" that feature social integration, polling and other custom content generation.

A social marketing service timed with a major announcement or other event-related launch or release to amplify the message

Knowledge Vault Exchange: A 3-month program centered on video-based presentations supplemented with live Twitter chats, pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and threaded discussion on the video page.

Power Blog: IDG assembles a team of bloggers, either in-house editors or external writers, to go to market with a coordinated message.

Of those, Knowledge Vault Exchange is a package deal on par with Amplify’s Community Works service, which essentially builds a user community tightly integrated with the social web. The other services can be purchased as one-offs or mixed and matched a la carte.

The program expansion comes on the heels of 60 percent top line growth for the group between 2011 and 2012, says a spokesperson.

Brand advertising is becoming less of a marketer’s centerpiece buy. "Probably the majority of our programs with advertisers have a services element to them," he says.