Editor's Note: Less Than a Week Left Until Folio:'s MediaNext Show

The last remaining seats are going fast!

Bill Mickey By Bill Mickey

If there's one word that defines much of what magazine publishers have been doing the last couple years, it's experimentation. The print model, which we're all clearly expert at, has taken its place among a growing array of other platforms that are transforming how "magazine media" is sold, created and distributed to customers, which we're all clearly still learning how to master.

This year, we're rebranding the Folio: Show as MediaNext to underscore this new dynamic—and if you haven't seen the program, check it out here.

Mary Berner, the MPA's new president and CEO, vigorously defended the magazine industry during her opening speech at AMC last week, noting that pundits have "hijacked" the magazine narrative and are steering it towards a premature death.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt a secular change occurring and we're all learning as fast as we can how to extend our brands across a variety of platforms and attract new audiences and sources of revenue at the same time.

MediaNext is specifically built to shorten that learning curve—because many of your peers are already finding successful solutions to the opportunities facing our industry right now. And these are the folks that will be speaking directly at you if you join me at MediaNext in New York next week.

The MediaNext program is your cheat sheet, your short cut to taking your brands to the next level.

I'm told we're down to only 100 seats left, so if you want to register, do it now.

I'll see you at the show!

Bill Mickey
Editor, Folio:


Bill Mickey By Bill Mickey

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