The importance of taking a dynamic approach to delivering great content is the key to success as our audiences continue to evolve in how they consume it online and off. Brands need to think about getting eyeballs every way they can and find creative ways to reach their audiences who are increasingly less likely to go hunting for the content they want as social media, apps and other rising platforms push it directly to them.

We’re seeing individual bloggers take traffic from traditional industry powers because they can be more nimble. Media companies that stay on top of trends, don’t get slowed down by internal processes and partner with the rising content stars in their markets rather than consider them competition will win the day. You don’t need a single “portal” tied to your brand name to drive audience and revenue.

The trend of “one hit wonder” Web traffic from social platforms many brands are experiencing (more visitors, less pages per visit) is only going to continue—we have to find new ways to increase stickiness online and push content every way you can to differentiate your brand from the “noise” to users who are getting bombarded with news, promotions, sponsor messages and more in their feeds—from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to email.

Marketing services (which isn’t even the right name for it) is going to be huge for media companies in the future—you need to have capabilities to service your advertisers and industry partners far beyond print ads, banners, booths—all that comes from what traditional sellers are pushing. Brands must help clients drive their business forward in every way—from helping them build new websites and apps (or exceptionally targeted microsites you leverage your audience to grow) to providing strategic support on new product launches. This should include even guiding your clients’ strategy AND ad spend on Facebook and Google—they are going to go there anyway, be a part of it instead of being on the sidelines.