In an effort to better monetize its web content, CQ Roll Call, publisher of print and online political coverage, has signed on to use the Scout Yield Optimizer, a Scout Analytics tool designed to capture, analyze and offer targeted sales suggestions according to customers’ behavioral data. The tool is designed to identify retention risks, as well as ideal upsell and trial conversion candidates.

“The big challenge with digital versus print is that, in digital, you can only monetize usage, whereas in print you monetize the distribution,” says Matt Shanahan, SVP, strategy, Scout Analytics. “What [CQ Roll Call is] trying to do is figure out how people are using their service and if they are appropriately charging based on value received.”

Through its Demand Rating technique, the Optimizer calculates a unit value for content by looking at the price of a customer contract, divided by the amount of content consumed. Usage data is captured via Scout’s JavaScript included on CQ Roll Call’s website.

The Demand Map technique uses the unit value information to formulate predictive pricing and forecast the likelihood of a renewal. This predictive pricing and renewal information, with risks flagged, is pushed directly into CQ Roll Call’s tool.

“Scout Yield Optimizer is helping our teams to better understand customer engagement,” says Keith White, executive vice president and managing director for CQ/Capital, in a statement. “These new insights into value are providing the intelligence our teams need to better match pricing and customer needs.”

Using the Optimizer is also a way that CQ Roll Call is trying to differentiate from its competition, adds Shanahan. “To be customer-insight driven allows them to focus their sales and marketing activity on where they can add the most value for customers, while making the most efficient use of their own internal resources,” he says.

CQ Roll Call could not be reached to comment as of press time.

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