Digital analytics provider comScore has extended its media measurement services to the smartphone with the launch of Mobile Metrix 2.0.

The service aims to give publishers and advertisers a more accurate, detailed view of a brand’s unduplicated mobile audience size and demographics, in both apps and browsers. This is powered by comScore’s “Unified Digital Measurement” methodology, which combines on-device metering with what comScore calls “census-level data” collected through its panel—about 2 million worldwide consumers whose digital behavior is continuously measured.

Mobile Metrix 2.0 can also segment consumer activity across iOS, Android and RIM platforms to help publishers see how their mobile web and app audiences vary across operating systems.

According to data so far collected, browser and app audiences are similar in terms of size but vary widely in terms of engagement, with every 4 in 5 minutes spent with mobile media coming through apps.

Social media, not surprisingly, has proven to be a particularly popular segment on smartphones.

According to comScore, Facebook—the second largest mobile media property in terms of audience—now reaches 80.4 percent of total U.S. smartphone users over the age of 18; users spent an average of 7 hours with the brand in March.

Twitter, the eleventh largest overall and the second largest social media brand, reaches 26.4 percent of all smartphone users; in March, users spent almost 2 hours with the brand via mobile, versus 20.4 minutes through a computer.

LinkedIn, with the third-largest audience among social media brands, reaches 7.9 percent of the total market, with users spending an average of 12.9 minutes per month.

Pinterest—accessed by 7.7 percent of mobile users—takes up the fourth spot in terms of reach, while the average time spent with the brand, at 52.9 minutes, is almost four times as much as with LinkedIn.

With Foursquare and Tumblr, in the fifth and sixth spots, users spent almost 2.5 hours and a little more than an hour, respectively; Foursquare reaches 5.7 percent of total smartphone users, while Tumblr reaches 4.6 percent.

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