Telemarketing firm Blue Valley is opening a new call center in the suburbs of Chicago. The office, located in Oak Park, will house another 75 seats. The move reflects the growing role telemarketing is playing in tactics that are not exclusively based in new audience development or renewal efforts.

"We are focused on educating our clients on how you can easily turn a telemarketing campaign into a profit center," says Ronen Ben-Dror, director, client relationship development for Blue Valley. "With the addition of this new call center, we’ll have the expanded capacity to handle the strong growth in demand."

That profit center concept that Ben-Dror refers to involves using telemarketing to drive more than just retention or new subscriber efforts. The source is increasingly being used to initiate sales of big-ticket information products from b-to-b publishers, for example.

Telemarketing can also be subsidized by piggybacking market research projects for advertising clients during a traditional outreach campaign.

A third tactic is using the platform to help drive trade-show attendance and/or bolster a show’s customer database with current or prospective attendee email addresses.

According to Blue Valley, its current calling capacity is about 3.5 million calls per month.

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